by Fulci Nightmare

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Recorded and mixed 24th June 2012 by Paul at M5 Ebbsfleet, Kent


released June 24, 2012

Nusty Rayles - 6 strings and yelping
Chuck Steak - 4 strings
Eggy Fährt - Blisters
Goatboy - Throat



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Fulci Nightmare Kent, UK

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Track Name: Ten Years Too Late
Bite your style from what’s popular
Kids have already moved onto the next thing
Whatever you do, however you change
You’ll always sound ten years too late

Give a distro money to put out your shitty EP
Waste more cash on a video that no one will see
When will you get it?
Only your girlfriends reluctantly see you play

Mid thirties, jaded and burnt out
Watch younger bands achieve more than you ever will
Rationalise “they’re just doing what’s popular”
What motherfucker, like you tried to do?
Track Name: Arrested Development
Like a capsule buried
You’ve stayed in the same mindset
Since you were seventeen
Call it “staying true” ‘never giving in”
I call it a case of arrested development
A tragedy you still think this is cool
Judge everyone based on your narrow world view

Dress the part of complete tool
You’ve appointed yourself scene policeman
You decide what’s Hardcore
Turn your nose up at what’s not
Insist this is built on unity but won’t let outsiders in
And go out of your way to make them feel unwelcome


Middle age sneaks up on you like anyone else
New kids treat you like a perv
Laugh openly at your sagging face
Your dedication to the scene don’t mean shit
All your old friends have grown up and moved on
But rest assured I’ll still be here, I’m always here…
Track Name: Voluntary Human Extinction
Man is spreading like wildfire
And only you can put him out
I’m not advocating mass genocide
But there are many things you can do
To prevent another human life

I’m talking vasectomy, tubal ligation
Or just plain old fashioned contraception
Fuck “Silver Ring Thing” and the Rhythm Method
Bun in the oven; Mifepristone, chop and suck
Whatever you gotta do, just flush it out
I fucking hate people, and kids are smaller versions
I’ll stop complaining when you stop having them

Live long
Die out

Don’t give me that sanctity of life crap
We’re a plague and you know it
And when we’re gone the Earth can heal
And forget we were ever upon it

Live long, die out
Track Name: The Rub
I don’t see why innocent people
Should be demonised for using
A plant that grows naturally
With so many good uses
But even if drugs were legalised
The black market would still find a way
To make money from a desperate underclass
With no other means to provide for there families

Sacrifice one criminal underworld
Open up a new one
Legalised one group of intoxicants
Druglords will provide the rest

New turf wars between gangs
To replace the ones you got rid of
You won’t get rid of drug violence
Until you tackle the poverty that creates it
Track Name: Gambled And Lost
Silly boy
Thought it was your lucky day
Put it all on red even
Came up black odd

Silly boy
Thought you’d get fucked today
Turns out she didn’t like you

It’s your own fault
Your own fault

It’s your own fucking fault