Die Alone

by Fulci Nightmare

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Recorded and mostly mixed 5th November 2012 by Paul at M5 Ebbsfleet, Kent.


released March 9, 2013

Nusty Rayles - 6 strings, relative high notes
Chuck Steak - 4 strings, background
Eggy Fährt - Blisters, baritone
Goatboy - Throat, samples



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Fulci Nightmare Kent, UK

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Track Name: Stop Embarrassing Yourselves And Break Up
You might have been an impressive band back in the day
But now you’re just a hollow shell of what you used to be
Ran out of ideas twenty years ago
And haven’t rehearsed in fifteen

Break up
Just break up
Break up
Please break up soon
Break up
Just break up
Break up
Please break up soon

Vice magazine has decided your music is back in vogue
So you reform with one or two original members
Overcharging audiences wherever you can go
Pissing on your legacy with every note you’ve forgotten how to play


Just break up soon
Please break up soon

I’m not saying that guy who shot Dimebag was justified
I just understand it’s maddening when musicians you love
Go onto rehashed shit to make money off their once loyal fan base


Just break up soon
Please break up soon
Track Name: Died Alone
An individual well loved in life
Somehow burnt every bridge
Resides by herself in a London flat
Died alone in the TV’s glow

Seen everywhere, social chameleon
Adapt to each group of friends
A desire to please everyone
Spreading yourself too thin

Heart stopped after wrapping Christmas presents
No one to check up on you for three years
Until bailiffs broke down your front door
Skeletal remains dissolving into the floor

No next of kin
A film crew placed an ad in the local newspaper
All your old friends against a beige coloured backdrop
Left to wonder what the fuck happened
Track Name: A Need For Militance
Small minded idiots with no tolerance
Spreading their vile hatred to anyone stupid enough to listen
But there’ll always be a group of us to let them know
British people ain’t having that

Now’s the time to organise
Put aside agendas and unite
Take arms and put up fight
Ensure no platform for fascist right

We will meet them on their terraces and streets
A show of force to quell their voice
Molotov Cocktails to their drinking holes
Chase them back under their fucking stones


The halcyon days of AFA may be gone
But the damage to the BNP’s credibility has been done
Although the street fights may have become few
There’s always a black eye to be earned in the voting booth

Track Name: Coping Mechanism
Cold sweat as I enter a new environment
Find a quiet corner so I can accumulate
Busy myself with book or phone
Avoid eye contact and keep calm

For the love of live music
But an inability to deal with crowds
An everyday dilemma of ASD
I isolate myself so I can cope

I don’t mean to be rude
I just don’t want to be a burden on you
Hanging around, not knowing what to say
Hoping the bands play soon


Some I know resort to booze and snort
It’s not my place to judge
We all have our ways to cope
I just don’t want to rely on a crutch

Track Name: 180g
Lumps of lacquer into metal lathe
Smoothed out, engraved
Comes in all colours
But only a few shapes
Distributed by dedicated slaves

O, hallowed disc of 180g
For that special bass retaining sound
Lesser men have gone to war for your source
But I can think of better uses for Ethenyl

It’s an unhealthy fetish, I know
And this addiction is killing the Earth
But oh, how my heart skips with joy
When a new mailer comes through the post